Invisible Widget

Yesterday at the Simpleweb Halloween Hack Day I built a little service on top of the upcoming Invisible Hand API yesterday, Invisible Widget:

It's basically two parts:

  • A proxy for the API that renders a webpage full of results but with no layout with most of the same options as the API passable via url parameters, written in node.js
  • A jquery plugin that embeds that page into any webpage as an iframe with some nice default options

The use case for this can be seen on, I wanted to embed some links to Node.js books but not have to manage the links myself.

Some things I'd have liked to add if I had time:

  • Autodectection of region from user's request, i.e. show german results to users in germany
  • Pass through a list of ISBNs and show all of them with the cheapest prices
  • Ability to pass through a url for a custom stylesheet so it can match the site it's embedded in
  • A little invisible hand promo badge at the bottom
  • Varnish caching to reduce number of api requests
  • Better documentation

Hopefully once the API is available to all there will be a revenue-share program so anyone can profit from embedding the widget in their site.

28 Oct 12

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

I'm thinking of running an introductory course in Ruby on Rails in London, if you are interested in attending please register your interest.

It will be a one day introductory course for developers who want to get started using Ruby on Rails to build websites and web apps.

08 Jun 12

Bicycle Merry-Go-Round at Maker Faire in San Francisco

05 Jun 12


Photos from my recent trip to San Francisco

01 Jun 12

Split 0.4.2 released

Split, the Rack Based AB testing framework, has just been updated to 0.4.2, and now supports v3.0 of the redis gem.

01 Jun 12


A Lightning talk timer app that I made for iOS using RubyMotion.

25 May 12


20 May 12


I've been playing around with pinterest recently, follow me!

20 May 12


The slides for a lightning talk I presented at Bacon Conf a few weekends ago.

16 May 12

Using Node.js and Ruby on Rails for uber productivity

A talk about a site I recently launched using Ruby on Rails and Node.js which needed to scale to 3000 concurrent users.

12 May 12