Open source contributions

In the past few weeks there has been a fair amount of activity on the Split repo, reaching over 500 watchers and I've just released version 0.5.0, a major update to the gem.

Adding the ability to swap out the persistence adapter and sampling algorithms as well as configuring your ab_tests from a YAML file rather than in code.

I've not been using Split in production for a while now, and it's encouraging to see that whilst other people are still using it, members of the community are stepping up to help continue to drive development forwards rather than leaving it to languish until a new, shiner library comes along.

I put together a little script ( to see how much work the community has contributed to the project, and the results are surprising:

Owner contributions
  3278 ++
  1360 --

Community contributions
  4274 ++
  2141 --

On split, developers other than myself have added and removed more lines of code to the project, which is quite exciting. I've become more of a manager of the project, ensuring that any pull requests are inline with the goals of the project.

This feels like one of the goals of an open source project, first and foremost it should solve the problem it was designed for but after than the project should aim to be supported by the community at large, fault tolerant.

If I were to step down now, I feel that the other developers working on the project could pick up where I left off, rather than it becoming just another abandoned project.

03 Feb 13

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