Invisible Widget

Yesterday at the Simpleweb Halloween Hack Day I built a little service on top of the upcoming Invisible Hand API yesterday, Invisible Widget:

It's basically two parts:

  • A proxy for the API that renders a webpage full of results but with no layout with most of the same options as the API passable via url parameters, written in node.js
  • A jquery plugin that embeds that page into any webpage as an iframe with some nice default options

The use case for this can be seen on, I wanted to embed some links to Node.js books but not have to manage the links myself.

Some things I'd have liked to add if I had time:

  • Autodectection of region from user's request, i.e. show german results to users in germany
  • Pass through a list of ISBNs and show all of them with the cheapest prices
  • Ability to pass through a url for a custom stylesheet so it can match the site it's embedded in
  • A little invisible hand promo badge at the bottom
  • Varnish caching to reduce number of api requests
  • Better documentation

Hopefully once the API is available to all there will be a revenue-share program so anyone can profit from embedding the widget in their site.

28 Oct 12

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