Every year I like to set myself a number of goals or challenges to improve myself, last year included reading a new book every week and improve my level of personal fitness with a better diet and exercising more.

This year, as well as continuing with the good habits I've gained in 2012, I'm going to work on some new things:

  • Level up my terminal skills with vim and tmux

  • Get back into writing on a regular basis

  • Ship a RubyMotion app on the App Store

  • Get over my irrational fear of using the telephone

  • Dabble in hardware hacking and electronics including Nodecopter and RaspberryPi.

Heres to a great year!

31 Dec 12 with 1 comment



Irrational fear of telephone?! It's not irrational!

If you make it... please, tell me how. =]

31 Dec 12 by Umgeher Taborda

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